The obligatory bonjour

Okay, for the record: this isn’t exactly a French blog, although for all intents and purposes, it is about my struggle in learning French. I’ll try to blog in French, translate to English, and make things sound entertaining…even if they aren’t.

So, bonjour! Je m’appelle Sharline, j’ai 24 ans. Je suis écrivain indépendant. (My name is Sharline, I’m 24 years old. I’m a freelance writer.) I’ve been studying French for a year now and I’ve yet to build my confidence in speaking and writing in the language, hence this blog. I should have started doing this a year ago, but things got in the way. “C’est la vie,” so the French like to say. Let’s hope I can improve my pathetic and sometimes funny attempts to communicate this way. I’ll be writing about other things, too–like traveling, books, movies, and whatnot–so this blog won’t end up sounding like a “French For Dummies” book.

Oh, and of course, how can I forget? Bienvenue! 🙂


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