Mot du jour: chaleureux

Now that I’m done telling you all about my hopes and dreams, let’s do something more fun and useful: word of the day (mot du jour)!

Chaleureux (-reuse if feminine) (adj.) [sha leu reu]
Warm, cordial.
Par exemple: J’aime son attitude chaleureuse. (I like her warm manner.)

I actually heard a lot of this in class last Saturday, when we were talking about reviewing restaurants. It’s a very simple word that you can use to describe a person. Personally, I liked it because it reminded me of a Mexican film (I know, random) where two guys kept singing, “Charolastra, charolooo…charolastra, charoloo…” But of course, that was an entirely different word, not even French. Haha.

Feel free to ask me about words you want to learn! Except, you know, dirty words. Just watch any French movie with subtitles for that kind! (Hint: There’s a scene in 500 Days of Summer where somebody swears in French. Okay, so that’s not a French movie but…still.)



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