Yikes, it’s been a while since the last update. I’ll tell you guys about two very useful websites I discovered while I was MIA from this blog…after this jump!

First, there’s, a great website for studying just about anything, from math to languages. It’s like studying with flash cards that’s complete with instructional audio, so it’s pretty entertaining. I’m taking the French goals for vocabulary and verbs, and it’s really been fun! If you’re studying languages with different alphabets like Japanese, you can use to memorize kanji, hiragana, and katakana, like my friend Kathleen (she speaks awesome Japanese, really), who recommended this site. Merci beaucoup, Ken!

Next, I couldn’t be more thankful for stumbling upon’s guide to typing French accents, which I really should have perused a long time ago. Silly me insisted on copying and pasting characters all this time, which was just stupid and tiresome. So, anyway, no more trouble typing “ç, é, ô,” etc. But yeah, I have to memorize the keys, but that’s better than looking for words with accented characters. I wish I could buy a French keyboard though.

Sharing more useful websites as soon as I stumble upon really cool ones, so watch this space!


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