Résolutions du nouvel an

I know, I know…it’s tough to take resolutions seriously. I lack planning skills, but I believe in the power of lists. Or, writing promises on paper and treating it like a contract.

To be honest, I haven’t been a good student in the last few months. My conversational skills leave so much to be desired. And my pronunciation–ouch. So yep, here they are: mes résolutions du nouvel an pour l’étude. I know, pretty nerdy, but hell. No more playing truant!

1. Be friends with my dictionary again. I thought I was doing okay with vocabulary until my module 5 teacher made it clear on paper that my vocab just sucks. I kept forgetting what “parfois” meant and I always said “Er, parce que c’est beau” when asked why I liked a particular object. Haha. Or maybe my reasoning skills suck, too…

2. Work on accent. Like most students in the beginner level, I sound like the American tourist (Margo Martindale) in the 14ème arrondissement segment of Paris Je T’aime whenever I read aloud. And I was told that bad accents are frowned upon. Yikes. I guess this means I should watch more French films. I wish the French have shows that are as addictive as Korean dramas. (Hmm, I’m pretty sure they have interesting shows. Let me know.)

3. Talk some more!

4. Study more than once a week? Guilty of studying the night before a class. If I happened to be lazier than usual, I would frantically scan my notes while riding the train to school. Dammit.

5. Do everything on my workbook. So I keep skipping the more difficult activities in every dossier. Yikes, well, they’re my only hope for practice if I can’t take module 7 this month.

6. Write…en française. Uh, good luck with this. But, seriously. Even if all my sentences start with “je”.

7. Blog daily, or four times a week at the very least. See, I’ve been trying, hence this entry. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Résolutions du nouvel an

  1. Hi! It seems you are fine, i’m pleased!
    I’m just commenting this article to propose you my help with your resolutions. I think i can help you a bit in writing, learning and even prononciation… i can’t assure you to do it often, but i would do my best, don’t hesitate to ask, you’re most welcome!

    See you, and have good time!

    PS: i hope you have another list with more fun resolutions!

  2. How is it going with your French learning? ^^. It’s been over 10 months since this entry was published hehe ^^.

    German grammars have been driving me crazy, whenever I try to write something in German,even a short sentence it is never grammatically correct,there is always ” something ” wrong..

    • Hello! 🙂 Oh, terribly. As you can see, I haven’t been faithful to the 4 entries/week promise. I have been writing e-mails in French though, haha.

      I have the same problem with French grammar, too! But oh well, it’s the only way to improve. I wish you luck with your studies as well 🙂 I actually enjoy your German tweets haha, even if I have no idea how to say the words lol!

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