Making up for things again

So, I actually missed Toi Et Moi. I hate eating my words, so I just want to dwell on things I did to make up for it:

1. Watched Le fabuleux destin d’Alie Poulain again. It never gets old! I was particularly pleased to see Ticky Holgado’s cameo in the character Nino’s album of random people (yes, I realized he was in the film just then). 

2. Ate croissant and pain du chocolat at Le Petit Artisan, the new boulangerie next to Max Brenner at Greenbelt 5. Délicieux! Not a pâtisserie, so don’t expect to see little cakes at the counter. But my, I really enjoyed looking at the baskets of bread. I wanted to buy a baguette, but my wallet said no. Next time, perhaps. And I’ll remember to take photos on the next visit.

3. Played a vocabulary game at Very much like‘s flash card quizzes, but less systematic and actually quite repetitive. Still, it was good practice. Some words were totally new to me, but a few were easy to grasp, such as “avoir à l’oeil,” synonymous to “surveiller” (to watch, to keep an eye on).

But I do hope I can go to the launch of the AFM-Goethe film screening. Should be interesting!


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