A room of our own

Yesterday I visited my grandmother’s house, which was still under construction. My dad showed me around and pointed out the room my sisters and I would be sharing–a long room with a window facing the east, looking out at the street.

Photo by Constantin Jurcut

Since it’s going to be a girl’s room, I thought the interiors should be different from the other rooms in the house. I found inspiration in stylist Pam Quiñones’ French chic themed house, which was featured in the last issue of Marie Claire Philippines.

I was particularly taken with her hallway, which was painted lilac and accented with black door frames. My scanner’s not working so I can’t show the exact photo from the magazine, but it looks somewhat like this. The light color is so easy on the eyes. And while it is quite feminine, it’s not overwhelmingly girly in the manner of Dolores Umbridge’s bright pinks. Instead of black accents, though, I’m planning to do more of white.

While looking up décor that would suit a lilac wall, I found these really gorgeous prints by the French artist Anne-Julie Aubry. I think I’m in love. The one below is just a sample I got from RealSimple.com and not exactly the one I’m looking for, but I’d love to have one of the pictures from her whimsical gallery. Can’t link to it directly, though. But if you like this sample, maybe you’d like to check out her lovely Etsy creations, too.

By Anne-Julie Aubry

I should learn never to plan anything when I’m trying to sleep.


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