Où suis-je?

While I was writing the previous entry, I was truly looking forward to blogging about my hilarious attempts at speaking French before returning to school. Unfortunately, I was forced to go on bed rest for two months, hence the lack of entries. No room for the details here, except that I am extremely thankful for my recovery. This is what I have been doing for therapy lately:

No, I do not live in a lighthouse.
From Un long dimanche de fiançailles. Photo source

The past two months have been terribly long, but it was the perfect time to review some old notes, read a lot, and abuse the TV and the DVD player. I’m sorry to say that the only French film I managed to watch during my confinement was Coco Avant Chanel, which was pretty disappointing. So yes, I regretted missing the 15th French Film Festival and Alliance Française’s June term. Then again, what’s the AFM DVD library for 😉

Still, life goes on! Hopefully, I can sign up for an August term. Wish me luck, s’il vous plaît.


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