Roundup: Art programs at Alliance Française

Calling artist and photographer friends, you might be interested:

* Alliance Française de Manille – Philippine Artist Residency Program
The AFM-PARP is conceived as a structured visit to France by a Filipino visual artist for a minimum of two (2) months and a maximum of three (3) months.  The residency will be hosted by a bona fide non-profit cultural organization, e.g., an art school, museum, or an artist-run initiative. It is conceived as a professional opportunity rather than a project-based grant. (Read more)
Unfortunately, I’m not an artist to get into this program. I wish my artist friends the best of luck, however!

* Photography contest: “J’ai 20 ans dans mon pays” (I’m 20 years old in my country)
The Fondation Alliance Française, in partnership with the French magazine Courrier international, has launched an international photography contest on the theme “I’m 20 years old in my country” (“J’ai 20 ans dans mon pays”) or photographs of the youth of the Philippines. The local photography’s selection is organized by the Alliance Française de Manille with the support of Silverlens Gallery. (Read more)
Well, now, here’s something a lot of us can try!

Application forms can be downloaded from the AFM website. Allons-y!


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