En vacances

Most of my French students have started their holidays this week. (Students on holiday means I’m doing close to nothing at work, hence this blog.) So, these days, I hear about their plans to go to Nice, le sud, Maroc, etcetera. To say that I’m jealous is an understatement. I know I’ve just had the longest vacation of my working life, but staying in bed will never come close to soaking up the sun.

Nice, from sxc

I’m from the tropics, yes, which means I’ll always be accustomed to heat. Even so, the sunny south will always be fascinating to me. Blame it on the Mayle books, the stories by La Pomme, and being deprived of a proper summer vacation.

I’m enjoying Manila’s wet, chilly weather now, but all this talk about summer makes me want to slip on a light dress and sleep on a hammock. Ah, the things you pine for once they’re gone!


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