Bonjour, et une citation

I know I promised to write for as much as I could, but real life, comme d’habitude, got in the way. So for now I’d like to say a quick salut, and also share a quote from a friend:

L’amour est clair comme le jour, l’amour est simple comme le bonjour, l’amour est nu comme la main, c’est ton amour et le mien… – Jacques Prévert

Eh bien, je vous souhaite un bon week-end! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bonjour, et une citation

  1. Hehe :D. Your wordpress’s default language is French? 😀 . Mine is English, i dont know if i would be able to find the way to post entries if i had mine in German haha :P. 😀 . Anyway, i love reading urs very much :D.

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