The year is still young…

Alors, bonjour. I realized it’s been ages since I wrote here, and really, I face-palm myself every time I remember. So, sorry about the long absence. Then again I’m not sure if anyone really notices.

I’m very excited to say that I’ve started studying French in school again. Hurrah! I’m still crap but at least the teacher liked that I introduced myself as une enseignante instead of un prof. Also, I earned a few well-meant laughs when I said un parapluie est jetable…(weird, I know) so hopefully I’ll come up with some hijinks again soon.

In any case, even though it’s a bit late now, je vous souhaite une bonne annΓ©e. Here’s to an awesomer 2011. We all deserve it.


5 thoughts on “The year is still young…

  1. Happy New year :D. Wow, it’s great that you start learning French again, yea, it’s never too late to do anything :).

    Btw, there is almost one month left till ur B-day, you must be very excited :P, esp. it’s only 2 days after Valentine hehe xD.

    My next Semester starts on Feb 14th :D. Right now i am in the national defense education course, so tiring xD . I wonder if ” National defense education ” is a part of your education there? ‘cuz as far as I know my country and China have that for students compulsorily xD.

    Alright, it’s been so long since we last ” tweeted” xD. I haven’t come online much myself either, school and plus my Win XP is broken, i can’t wait to get my lap Win xp new installed.

    I hope you have a good new year ^^, study French hard ;). I know u can do it πŸ™‚

    • Hey, thank you! Happy new year to you, too! πŸ™‚ It’s been ages since I’ve heard from you! I was wondering if you still had your Twitter account because I reached 8,888th today (hahaha) and I wanted to mention you, but I’m not sure what happened to your Twitter. Sorry about your computer, hope you get the new one soon!

      We do have something similar to national defense, but now you can choose between that or public service (I chose the latter and ended up teaching five-year-old kids). It depends.

      How’s school? I hope you have a great year too. Bet you’re doing well in German! πŸ™‚

  2. Hehe, thank you! my brain is getting a little rusty ‘cuz the German exams were over like 3 weeks ago or so xD. So it’s been that long i haven’t practiced German, i don’t know if i will be able to understand what my teacher says when my next semester starts xD.

    Well, i don’t know what happened to my Twitter account, i just couldn’t log in that ;((, i couldn’t open facebook page either… :((.
    The last month 2 months i have been having exams and national defense education so i haven’t much time to come online hehe, just checked email sometimes…
    The good news is i am going to have winter holiday starting on Jan 29th ( according to the paper from school πŸ˜› ), we are going to have 2 weeks off :). Before i get really excited, i need to get my comp new Win XP installed so i can get to stay online as much as possible without being mad ‘cuz the comp shuts down itself in the middle of something important :P, for instant i am writing you this comment and it drives me insane ,dunno if it’s gonna shutdown in a minute xD.

    I will try to get a new account on twitter, hehe, keep your 9999th tweet for me!!!! :P. xD

    Hope to talk with you soon! πŸ™‚

    • Haha, well, I got your comment so your computer held out a bit πŸ˜€ hope it gets fixed soon, though!

      Wow, winter holiday! Have fun πŸ™‚ aww, don’t worry about German, I’m sure you won’t have trouble warming up to it!

      And for the 9999th tweet–haha, sure! πŸ˜‰

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