Au festival du film

Unlike in recent years, I was more updated about the French film festival at the Shang Cineplex this year. The festival’s been going on for a week now, but anyone who’s interested can download the schedules here.

The spotlight is on director Olivier Assayas this year, and he was in Manila for a few days to talk about film. He’s not quite popular around here, but people who loved Paris je t’aime should know that he directed the short about Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character buying drugs from a dealer she has a crush on (Quartier des Enfants Rouges, IIIe arrondissement). Pity I missed his events, but I was able to see Demonlover (2002) and a little bit of L’Eau Froide (Cold Water, 1994).

I didn’t know what to expect from L’Eau Froide, except that it was a coming-of-age story about sexually active teens with dubious family backgrounds. I should have seen that it would be un peu déprimant, come to think of it. I got quite impatient with it though, as I thought the story unraveled quite slowly. I had lost my patience by the time the two teens went to a party where a lot of loud music was playing. After a couple of songs, I finally made my way out to queue for the next film instead.

Demonlover was much better when it came to the plot and the pace, although it was quite disturbing. I did much better in watching the violent scenes compared to my friend Shatsy, but who am I kidding 😛 I won’t recommend it, especially if you’re not into violence, but I have to admit it was very intriguing.

Now, that wasn’t a really good start with M. Assayas’ movies, but I do feel like watching L’Heure d’été (Summer Hours, 2007), a family drama.

A friend has told me that L’arnacoeur (Heartbreaker, 2010), directed by Pascal Chaumeil, was fluffy and entertaining, but unfortunately its last screening will be on Thursday, le 14 juin, so that means I’ll miss it. Still, there’s Le Mariage à Trois (Three-way Wedding) this weekend, so I’ll settle for that one.

I want to take this blog entry as an opportunity to work on vocabulary. From now on, I’ll be including a list of words about a certain subject at the end of each entry. Alors, for this one of course, here are some words related to cinema:

le cinéma – the movie theater

aller au cinema – to go to the cinema

voir un film – to see/watch a film

une comedie – a comedy

un drama – a drama

un acteur, une actrice – an actor, an actress

Adjectives for describing films – émouvant (moving), super, magnifique, déprimant (depressing)

As a bonus, here’s a funny entry about going to the cinema on a Sunday on my favorite blog, Stuff Parisians Like.


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