Back from Singapore

Well, I’m back. Ça va?

My Singapore trip went pretty well. My friends and I were such a bunch of lazy tourists, waking up at 10 AM and going out to explore at noon. If you don’t have much to do in six days, I guess that’s pretty ideal.

Now, I swear I loved the food in Singapore. My favorite was egg-less char kway teow, because it was so tasty, simple, and filling. I enjoyed the chili crab but my Indian friends didn’t enjoy it so much, mainly because they expected it to be spicy. It turned out to be sweet-spicy, which was fine by me.

Surprisingly, the meal I enjoyed the most was my tea and crêpe at TWG with my friend, Elaine. I know, so not Singaporean:

Royal Crêpe and 1837 Black Tea

Basically, crêpe with béchamel sauce and mushrooms. It was so heavenly. I’m guessing the black tea isn’t really ideal with this kind of crêpe, but it was still a nice accompaniment. Elaine and I were so full afterwards, considering this meal was kind of a late lunch and we got a bit hungry after exploring the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Arts and Science Museum. But the nice waiters couldn’t resist and gave us a plate of complimentary macarons.

Elaine’s sakura tea and les macarons. I felt really quite spoiled.

The reason why there aren’t a lot of other food pictures is that I didn’t bring a camera with me. Yeah…that’s me being a tourist.

Anyway, more about Singapore to come soon.

And yes, I’m still working on that Project Boeuf Bourguignon.


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