Boeuf bourguignon, at last

After so many weeks of obsessing, here it is at last: boeuf bourguignon for dinner.

I swear it’s not corned beef.

It turned out to be easier than I expected. The only part that was a bit challenging was browning the meat, as I couldn’t decide whether it was brown enough. But after that, I just had to put everything together and wait for the meat to soften.

Brown and meaty

During the long wait, I logged on to Twitter and was surprised to see tweets about Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Incroyable. I had no idea it was her birthday today and never even thought of it as I had just decided to finally get the dish done since I was staying home because of the bank holiday. I didn’t really follow her recipe as I thought it was un peu compliqué and, well, I didn’t have an oven. Like I said a couple of posts ago, Ginette Mathiot’s recipe is pretty legit anyway.

It’s also half-based (?) on my aunt’s very own beef stew, the only difference is that she uses cream of mushroom instead of red wine when she makes hers. She also lent me her old-fashioned stove, which she claims is better for slow cooking. Come to think of it, cooking with gas for three hours seems a bit of a stretch.

Kickin’ it old school

I also had to improvise the bouquet garni. For some weird reason, the supermarket was out of fresh thyme and parsley, so I just put dried thyme and bay leaf inside my nifty little tea ball. It was so cute.

Cup of tea, sir? Oops.

To make up for the parsley, I threw in in a bit of chopped celery.

So, how did it end up? Unfortunately, my dad got a bit too excited, he took it out of the fire 30 minutes earlier, while I was distracted by a basketball game. The meat didn’t turn out as soft as I wanted it to be, but it was pretty difficult to argue with a father who doesn’t like his beef mushy. But mmm…c’était delicieux. I really love wine in my food, and thyme made it more flavorful.

I know I also thought of serving it with couscous, but I got a bit lazy and just went with rice, classic Filipino style.

My plate kicks ass.

Now, I know I didn’t cook this with Julia in mind, but I still poured myself a glass of wine and toasted to her. Joyeux anniversaire, Julia. I promise I’ll make it up to you soon and try your coq au vin after this.

In any case, bon appétit!


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