Degrees of separation


Alessandro Del Piero is the reason I’m a Juventus fan. In the 90s, he was all my cousin could talk about after spending a couple of years in Rome. I knew rien about football at the time but his name planted itself firmly in my 11-year-old brain.

I knew better after watching him in the Champions League before Calciopoli, the 2006 World Cup which Italy won, the grueling years that followed the scandal, and the 2011-2012 scudetto campaign. After the recent move to Sydney, he is still the bandiera of Juventus to me. I love the current Juventus, yes, and other legends too, but he will always be synonymous to the club.

Now, let’s stray a little from that. As I mentioned in the previous post, my friend Shatsy spent the summer in Paris. Everyday, she posted photos of her walks around the city. It was like watching a documentary, haha, but a fun one.

How does that involve il Capitano? Well, apparently, he was in Paris to give a speech at the Sorbonne last September 12. I was so thrilled, I re-posted the photo that he posted on Facebook:

ImageI knew the chances of Shatsy getting an autograph for me would be like winning the lottery through a lucky pick (hey, that actually happened!) so I didn’t get my hopes up. Anyway, I was also thinking that I would like to actually meet him and get his autograph myself, but there are also zero chances of that happening anytime soon. Still, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when Shatsy posted this the next day:


Wait. Australia is certainly nearer. So hey, you never know, I might have a chance of meeting him and getting my shirt signed. Je croise les droigts!


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