So lately, the postman’s been stopping more frequently at home to give me these.


I’ve always liked getting snail mail, so I quickly got addicted to Postcrossing. I do have friends and family members living and working abroad, but somehow it’s hard to count on getting mail from them for various understandable reasons. Getting postcards from random people, on the other hand, adds more surprise–if the fact that you’re getting mail at all isn’t enough of a surprise these days.

I guess this is the easiest way for me to travel at the moment, while I’m working and struggling practically gnashing my teeth trying to save money for future trips.

For some reason, I always end up having to send cards to the Netherlands. I guess they love their snail mail? Every batch I send out has at least one for someone from les Pays-Bas, and I love the thank you notes I get from them. Someone from there also sent me one of tulips and windmills, which was really pretty.

I do wish that interesting cards would be easier to find here, so I could send out more fun stuff and not just the usual ones of famous landscapes. Or maybe I should go out and go on a postcard hunt.


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