I haven’t been sleeping well lately

This is pretty late for a World Cup-related post since we’re in the thick of things already, but it’s not over yet. And I do have a lot of things on my mind when it comes to the World Cup. Mainly:

1. I still irrationally support Italy. Well, hmm, maybe it’s not so irrational when a significant part of my family has been working there for years, and I also support Juventus like nobody’s business. Beyond that, most people don’t see the sense in it, especially after the Azzurri aren’t hotshots like Spain or Germany are, in recent years anyway (shut up, did you see them in Euro 2012? So fantastic. Also, four stars isn’t something to just sniff at).

GIF by fujiyaa.tumblr.com
GIF by fujiyaa.tumblr.com

So I’m really bummed that they’re out. It was difficult to say that they didn’t deserve to go beyond the group stage especially after the win against England, but oh well, this was not the same Italy that competed in the Euros two years ago. Then again, I’m keeping hopes up for whoever’s going to take the reins after Cesare Prandelli. In the meantime, fino alla fine, forza Azzurri!

2. I still can’t accept that Andrea Pirlo’s last game was a disaster. He didn’t deserve that.

From pirloandrea.tumblr.com

3. Gigi’s not leaving the Azzurri yet, is he? Also Barzagli, please, don’t go yet!!!

4. I think I’m supporting Colombia now. They might have kicked Japan (which I really liked, not just because I’m Asian) out of the running, but they’re so hard to ignore when they’re practically cruising through the whole thing.


Also, James Rodriguez. I can’t even.

5. It’s nice to see France doing well, even if I still can’t bring myself to cheer for them. Which is weird, people say, don’t you study French and all? Well, studying a language doesn’t mean you’re madly in love with everything else the country has.

I really like Paul Pogba, though. Allez, Paul!

6. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately because of all this. So yeah, I’ll be more restful when it’s over. Except I’m probably going to miss it a lot.

Hmm. Then again, Serie A’s not that far away from now…


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