Get your MovieMov on

This is the year of firsts for me, really: one of which is my first foray to MovieMov, the Italian film festival in Manila. It is awesomer than I expected, for these reasons:

1. They’re showing “La Grande Bellezza” (The Great Beauty), which won an Oscar this year. Yay! Except, well, I won’t really be able to see it.


2. I’m a sucker for Italian comedies, and they’ve got a lot in this year’s lineup. I’ve seen some at Cine Europa in recent years, like “Notte Prima Degli Esami” and “Basta un Niente”. I wouldn’t say “Si Puo Fare” is a comedy, but some parts of it were, I suppose. In any case, I’d go for an Italian comedy anytime. I think the only non-comedy (by an Italian filmmaker) I watched in recent festivals was a movie about the genocide in Armenia.

3. Andrea Bosca is in Manila.

Andrea Bosca and Giovanni Calcagno as Gigio and Luca in "Si Può Fare" (2008)
Andrea Bosca and Giovanni Calcagno as Gigio and Luca in “Si Può Fare” (2008)

I swear. This is one of those things I never thought would even happen.

I first saw him in “Si Può Fare”, where he plays Gigio. I’ve had a terrible crush admired him since then. I was so shocked when I found out one day last year that he was actually in Manila. Apparently, a visit to Tondo and Smokey Mountain touched him so much that he decided to make a film about Filipinos for his directorial debut, “A Tutto Tondo”.

It’ll be on later at 8:30, and there’ll be another screening tomorrow afternoon.

Screencap from
Screencap from

I actually haven’t seen anything yet, but I’ll be heading there right after work today. Schedules are right here.



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