Not really that quiet

So, the film festival season continues with one of the most exciting ones (despite its name), the Silent Film Festival. And yes, I got to cover it again! Sadly, though, I won’t be able to watch everything.

First up, there’s the Charlie Chaplin film “City Lights”, written and directed by the great man himself. Confession: I’ve never watched anything with Charlie Chaplin in it. Ever. So I was thinking of filing for a leave just to see it, but then I’ve already had a lot of lessons lined up…so it’s a no, in the end. Which is sad because Radioactive Sago Project is providing the live music for this one.



Another film I’m really sad about missing is “Verdun: visions d’histoire”, about World War I, and created ten years after the war. The amazing thing about this is that the actors are actually soldiers who survived the war, so really, it must be something. Unfortunately, it’s set for a working day.

So, the first one I’ll probably be able to actually see is “Chuji Tabi Nikki” from Japan on Saturday, and then perhaps “Curro Vargas” from Spain and our very own “Ang Tigmo sa Aking Pagpauli” (Riddles of My Homecoming) on Sunday.

There’s more information about the films here.


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