True love…

…I found it in Kyoto.

Not exactly in a person, but a little city called Uji, where the best green tea comes from.

I mean, look at it.

Hello, beautiful.


If I could move to Japan, I’d most definitely love to live here.

We didn’t even expect so much from it. We just went here because Kat’s colleague recommended it, and another one asked her to buy matcha for baking. But when we stepped out of the train station and started walking without any idea where to go, it just happened.

How could a place be so pretty?

Interesting fact from Wikipedia:

In the 15th century A.D., tea jars destined to be used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony were brought by the shogun from the Philippines to Uji.

Hmm. We really should’ve done more research. We weren’t even able to go to the tea museum because it was already closed when we got there (we arrived around 4 PM).

It was funny because when we were in Kennin-ji Zen Temple in Gion, we thought that the place would look prettier in autumn, when all the trees burst into red and orange and gold. But we never thought about that in Uji, because it was still so beautiful even when the maple trees were bright green.


We spent perhaps two hours here just walking by the river, taking photos, eating matcha soft-serve ice cream, and wishing we had more time to go around and maybe even see the tea fields. They do say that love is always so short, even if it lasts a lifetime.

So yes, when I come back to Japan, I’ll be here. I’d stay a week, if I could.

(There’ll be another post about the other parts of Kyoto. It’s just, ugh I still miss Uji so much that I had to dedicate an entire regret-filled entry to it.)


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