Oh, Japan

So, yeah, I finally made it to Japan exactly a month ago. It was everything I expected and more, but there’s no time to write right now.

More later.



Oishii Nippon!

I’ve always looked forward to Japan Foundation’s Eiga Sai, but this year’s festival sounds more fun than ever because of the theme: food!

WASHOKUBEYONDSUSHIOne thing I can say about the Japanese is that they do food porn like nobody’s business. It’s one thing that they do close-up shots of food really very well–so well, that you can almost smell a bowl of ramen as they capture the heat rising from it, or imagine reaching out to touch nigiri sushi when they present it, all pretty and lined up on a clean dish, or just fawn over the sight of flower-shaped wagashi. And then of course, everyone knows how meticulous the Japanese are when it comes to presentation, even if the plating is very simple.

So, I don’t think I can resist documentaries like “The God of Ramen,” about a ramen master who even schooled people who wanted to open their own ramen shops. Or “Wa-shoku,” which shows how Japanese chefs go through all that trouble to make such delicate sushi, sashimi, noodles, and other traditional dishes. No, I can’t and I won’t. It’ll probably make me want to go to a Japanese restaurant afterwards, though…

At the press con, we got to see the trailer for “The God of Ramen” and right then and there you could tell it was amazing and emotional, especially after they told us that the god of ramen Kazuo Yamagashi died just last year. You can check it out here:

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Blooming marvelous

hydrangeaHello, spring, we meet again. I’m not sure if it means my blog is alive again, but anyway, here we are.

I’ve been obsessed with plants lately. It started when we went to Tagaytay for my birthday last year and I bought a hydrangea in bloom, sweet basil, choco mint, and tarragon. A year later, the hydrangea is alive (but almost died after my sister forgot to water it while I was in Hong Kong in November), and the herbs have served their purpose, so I replaced them with new ones (sweet basil, peppermint, celery, and Italian flat parsley).

And then, late last year, a friend got me into succulents when she signed the two of us up for a succulent workshop. I didn’t buy a starter kit–which included a huge glass jar, a pair of gloves, small packs of sand, earth, and pebbles–because it was too expensive. We found out much later that succulents don’t really do well in glass jars because there’s no drainage and it gets a bit humid in there. So I learned how to re-pot and put them in ceramic jars instead.

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Not really that quiet

So, the film festival season continues with one of the most exciting ones (despite its name), the Silent Film Festival. And yes, I got to cover it again! Sadly, though, I won’t be able to watch everything.

First up, there’s the Charlie Chaplin film “City Lights”, written and directed by the great man himself. Confession: I’ve never watched anything with Charlie Chaplin in it. Ever. So I was thinking of filing for a leave just to see it, but then I’ve already had a lot of lessons lined up…so it’s a no, in the end. Which is sad because Radioactive Sago Project is providing the live music for this one.



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I haven’t been sleeping well lately

This is pretty late for a World Cup-related post since we’re in the thick of things already, but it’s not over yet. And I do have a lot of things on my mind when it comes to the World Cup. Mainly:

1. I still irrationally support Italy. Well, hmm, maybe it’s not so irrational when a significant part of my family has been working there for years, and I also support Juventus like nobody’s business. Beyond that, most people don’t see the sense in it, especially after the Azzurri aren’t hotshots like Spain or Germany are, in recent years anyway (shut up, did you see them in Euro 2012? So fantastic. Also, four stars isn’t something to just sniff at).

GIF by fujiyaa.tumblr.com
GIF by fujiyaa.tumblr.com

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