Postcards from France


I love getting snail mail. So, you can imagine how wonderful my day started when my uncle handed me these two postcards at breakfast. Bonjour, indeed!

The Paris postcard is from my friend, Shatsy, who spent the last month in the city with her brother and his family. Of course, it has to be one of La Tour as she posed for pictures with it everyday while she was there. Magnifique!

The collage of Bretagne is from my student, Maryse. I love that it’s not of just one scene, but in fact, some of the famous sights there–La pointe des Espagnols, Brest, La Recouvrance, Plougonvelin, Les Tas de Pois, Plougastel-Daoulas, Le Faou, Le Trez-Hir, Landévennec, Le pont d’Iroise, Le Conquet, Logonna-Daoulas, and La pointe Saint-Mathieu. Just lovely, really. I hope to visit these places in the future.

Merci, mes amies, for making this girl very happy today!