Mapping the fangirl trail

Can you guess which billboards we were actually looking at?

Hi, I’m Shar. I’m 30 going on 31, I like Japanese boy bands, and I have no shame.

So I’m not the least bit shy in telling everyone that one of the reasons I went to Japan was to breathe, at least for a few days, the same air that Japanese idols breathe.

Except, well…Kat and I are international fans, so we weren’t very lucky when it came to getting tickets for concerts.

Let me explain.

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Lessons from Kyoto

Lesson #1: Do not take Kyoto too lightly.

It was a fun place, for sure. We knew that as soon as we took the subway to Kawaramachi, because the seats were as green as tea:


We couldn’t stop thinking about getting some matcha after that, but maybe after we dropped our bags off at our hostel. So we did that, and then we found ourselves lost in the wilderness of Teramachi Street and Nishiki Food Market. Lost, as in there were too many things to try and we couldn’t decide what to check out first.

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