When I’m in Tokyo

Oh, Tokyo. How do I even begin to talk about how much I love you? Let me count the ways.

1. Five days were hardly enough.

Tokyo has so many wards and we weren’t able to cover even a quarter of them! Most of the time, we were in Shibuya because we had to take the Keio-Inokashira line to get in and out of our Airbnb space near Eifukucho Station. It was pretty good, though, since it was so easy to go everywhere else from Shibuya. Our neighborhood was very nice and quiet too, rather far from the noisy, crowded location that I had in mind.

Neighbor-san, how do we get to the station?

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Lessons from Kyoto

Lesson #1: Do not take Kyoto too lightly.

It was a fun place, for sure. We knew that as soon as we took the subway to Kawaramachi, because the seats were as green as tea:


We couldn’t stop thinking about getting some matcha after that, but maybe after we dropped our bags off at our hostel. So we did that, and then we found ourselves lost in the wilderness of Teramachi Street and Nishiki Food Market. Lost, as in there were too many things to try and we couldn’t decide what to check out first.

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Traipsing through Osaka

Weird location, but really nice beds

Right, so…I finally have time to write about the big Japan trip of 2015. Better late than never!

There was nothing too mind-boggling about Osaka, now that I’ve looked back and decided that I’d prioritize Kyoto the next time I go there. Still, the city was kinder–as in I could really say yasashii in all senses of the word–than I expected.

First off, my friend Kat and I couldn’t find our hostel on our first night. The neighborhood it was in was really quiet, not just because we were out on the streets late at night, but because we were surrounded by office and apartment buildings. There was also the feeling that nothing exciting ever happens here at whatever time of day.

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